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Founded on 20th September 1989 as to response to the challenges of coal mining industry in Indonesia. The APBI-ICMA is a non-government, nonprofit and non-political organization that embraces both upstream (exploration and exploitation) and downstream (marketing the distribution, utilization and mining services) aspects of coal industry in Indonesia.

The Association aims at creating an environment for its members to discuss the common concern, exchange ideas and works towards a common goal for the coal mining industry. The APBI-ICMA also acts as a partner to relevant government Institutions and provides the industry’s view on how to encourage a favorable environment for investment and competition.

The APBI-ICMA works collaboratively with all stakeholders to enhance investment in hence the economic health of the coal mining industry to deliver greater benefit to the government, investors, communities, employees, customers and the environment.

Total Members APBI-ICMA

Until February 2020 are 161 companies consist of :
Coal Producer Companies
Mining Service Companies

Our members produced about 80% of total national coal production.

Vision And Mission

What is our Vision?

  • To set a standard of excellence in every undertaking of coal mining
  • To lead coal industry to new levels of productivity, safety, prominence and social responsibility and environmental consciousness

And what is our Mission?

  • To promote coal production and utilization.
  • To address the chalenges and opportunities affecting coal’s present and future.
  • To affectively serve as coal’s advocate.
  • To accommodate and to serve the need, desires and aspirations of membership.
  • To encourage a favourable environment for investment and competition.

Secretariat Office

Menara Kuningan Building.

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Block X-7 Kav.5, 1st Floor, Suite A, M & N. Jakarta Selatan 12940, Indonesia

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Telp : (62-21) 3001 5935, 3001 2477
Fax : (62-21) 3001 5936, 3001 2477

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Email : secretariat@apbi-icma.org
Website : www.apbi-icma.org

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